Collective Bakery- Zurich

Turns out the only bakery in the Industrial Quarter of Zurich was phenomenal. Who needs competition? Especially when you’re serving espresso and tonic (highly underrated) and tackling food waste by making your own flour (via grinding leftover bread) all while serving some creatively decadent pastries. Let’s rank those we tried, shall we?

  1. Pain au caramel- Just wow! Salty, sweet, flaky perfection. According to their IG, also the number one pastry, and for good reason.

2. Nut Croissant- Another not sickeningly sweet pastry. Praise! Croissant stuffed with a cinnamon nutty mix that purports as the more serious older brother of the almond croissant.

3. Cruffin- Absolutely stunning and with a nice ratio of cream to croissant. It was a bit too sweet for me, but it was such a delightful find that the brother and I had to try them on consecutive days just to be sure of the third place ranking.


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