Pendry Chicago

The prior to my 40th trip around the sun, the gentleman suitor type person (edited: master manipulator) and I spent a very chilly weekend in Chicago. It was his first time there and my first in seemingly as many years. So much has changed, new neighborhoods crop up, old haunts shut, the shopping a bit…

Sweet Potato Casserole Waffles

Leftover whipped sweet potatoes crowding your fridge? I can attest that shoving them in some waffle batter is an excellent use of their efforts for breakfast the next day and perform equally as well in the toaster on day two. Sweet Potato Casserole Waffles Adapted from Grace and Good Eats

Cranberry Orange Oatmeal Cookies

The star of this year’s cookie plate is reminiscent of a cookie I found at Violet Bakery in London several years ago and have been chasing ever since. Some might argue these are better suited to the citrus-laden days of spring, but I think they are perfect for the holidays. Plus, their citrusy glaze keeps…

Cora Pearl- London

Good ole lady of the evening, Cora Pearl, strikes again! Remember when I made her my best friend last year? This girl, here? The one with the greatest fish stew…. A year later, after a whollllleeeee lot of stuff happening, I saw her again. I was so sad she didn’t deliver her fish stew. Last…

London at Christmas

Could there possibly be a better city for Christmas than London? Even if festivities begin ludicrously early, the twinkling lights, oversized trees, and flying angels take the streets, I venture to solidly say absolutely not. This is the pinnacle. It’s the most wonderful time o the year, indeed mate!