Macarons and Mayhem Guide: Lake Como


The adult wonderland of T Beach from above.


Risotto with a golden pedigree from La Terrazza Gualtiero.


A tranquil moment at Villa La Mirabella.


  • Town of Como: the cutest and far more rambling than those just passing through would believe
  • Villa Balbiano: Incredible Italian villa that’s the site of many movies
Charming alleyways wind throughout the town of Como.


  • Figlei di Fiori: cute bistro and resto in Como
  • Grand Hotel Tremezzo: stay!
  • Passalacqua: stay!
  • Villa Carlotta: a tour of the gardens if you can pry away from GHT and GnT’s
  • Villa d’Este: for drinks, dinner, or perhaps a snooze.


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