Evi Evane- Paris

Beautiful, fresh food that doesn’t cost a fortune and isn’t cheese based! Evi Evane, what a lucky find, tucked away on a side street just a few blocks from St. Suplice. This will absolutely join my rotation of Parisian regular restos. Yum. Yum.. Yum…

My charming waiter was my only insight into the kitchen as his colleague only spoke Greek. Sounding good, right? We discussed at length which two small plates would be best for my lunch and he didn’t turn his nose up at all that I wouldn’t have a main dish. This is a huge win, as I’ve seen this look a few times in Switzerland. He said I could have two small plates, but that I’d probably need dessert too. Was I in love with this man?

To start, I had the most beautiful octopus salad… all chilled, so perfect after a morning of walking. There was sliced octopus atop a bed of chunky, sort of half mashed potatoes, with green apples, pomegranate seeds, and a citrus dressing. I could eat this every day! Maybe charming waiter makes house calls?

The second “small plate” which was kind of massive was a zucchini pancake, akin to a scallion pancake, topped with a layer of yogurt and sliced zucchini. Again, an absolute star of a dish. This one might be better shared as the pancake wasn’t the lightest dish I’ve ever consumed.

Not sure when the next trip to Paris will be, but definitely a new go-to for the recommendation list.

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