25 Hours Zurich West

A long weekend with the brother flying into Zurich found us at the 25 Hours Hotel located in the almost too-cool industrial quarter or Zurich West. The hotel was chosen for it’s fun-seeming vibe…and the bunk beds(!) offered to two siblings traveling together- definitely a novelty. 25 Hours was definitely a fun, novelty hotel full of surprises, that certainly has me curious to check out some of their other properties. Not to mention it turns out that I still love a bunk bed, thirty years later…

How nice that the entrance to the hotel has the two working together…now if we could just get one in Geneva…

Fancy a game of pong? Or a bicycle? 25 Hours has that too…

The lobby looks like some sort of retro pharmacy, but sets the vibe just right.

Could it even be a design hotel without the use of neon? 25 Hours didn’t think so either.

More swag seating.

And la piece de la resistance…adult bunkbeds! I think the reason our room was probably ready to check in at 8:00 after the brother’s transatlantic flight was because no one else was into this… I sure was… but then again, as older sibling, I was able to safely claim bottom bunk. I made the jet lagged, giant brother climb the eight feet up to the ceiling (in socks on a slick wooden ladder)… for whatever reason, this guy listened to me.

Surprises abounded throughout the room, like these random paintings, a messenger bag for stay use, and a few stuffed cats for good measure. (Plush, not taxidermy). The bird was confused anyway.

The room also featured a large workspace and plenty of room for two people to spread out and unpack as well as stretch on a plush rug after a long hike.

The mini bar was gratis with the room and we raided it- beers, cola, and naughty snacks are excellent hiking fuel.

The spacious and designy bathroom featured an excellent shower and plenty of amenities in addition to other surprises like darling messages on the mirror.

Thought this was a nice touch too.

Overall, I have a new hotel brand to seek out when travelling- how refreshing! 25 Hours was just quirky enough without feeling too young or too contrived. It’s a hard feat to master, but they’ve done it!


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