The Village Hotel- Bristol

The Dreaded Solo Macaron: Dirty. Wee bit funky. Lack of staff.

Bristol was… Bristol? I’m really not sure how else to describe the cold, windy, rainy, industrial city. Parked for a week! on the outskirts of the city for a training, I really didn’t experience much of Bristol, but I did see every inch of The Village Hotel and can confirm that this is quite a concept that doesn’t involve a lot of vaccuming.

The rooms are labeled as clubs which is fun since I haven’t seen the inside of an actual club in a minute.

The room had this very subtle branding, perfect for sleep. Really, it was fun and I had no actual issues with the room itself other than it was DIRTY. It had not seen a vacuum or a dusting in some time. One day I came home from the training and there was, kid you not, pieces of avocado in my shower. I don’t know how they managed to find themselves there as I usually store my cut avocados tightly wrapped in the refrigerator. Although…there was a lack of a refrigerator too, so this probably made the most sense.

The bath was small, but serviceable with a killer view of the parking lot. Shades were drawn with buttons as was the privacy glass of the shower and toilet. Tres romantique. Now you see your partner dumping, now you don’t.

Avocado storage.

The “closet” was a bar and a couple things from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Not complaining, just funny. As was the DYSON hairdryer which felt like a weird fit for a room with no fridge, safe, etc. Glad I got to use it, it really tangled the hair with its turbine power. My female colleagues agreed.

This was my favorite bit- turquoise TP. As I was rather under the weather still on this trip and the hotel didn’t spring for tissue, I blew my nose with this for a week. None of my colleagues pointed out it had turned my face to smurf. Oh. And it was scented.

I ate in the hotel resto/bar every day because there were zero other options that didn’t involve a half hour Uber ride. While I didn’t try this, it was still my favorite menu item.

While I’m unsure why most people visit Bristol, this is certainly an interesting choice of hotel. Colorful, down to the crumbs all over the carpet and avocados in the shower.


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