Snacks in Sea Containers- London

Day 1: Arrive to the hotel at 2PM, just waking up from the airport Sofitel and transferring across town for a weekend of ‘fun’. Here, ‘fun’ is code for my BFF is in town and I can’t get out of bed. Butternut squash soup it is with this gorgeous bread that I could have eaten all of but didn’t.

Day 2: Another day in bed until 1PM. Made myself shower and walk around the Southbank until about 4PM when I got that awful floaty/drunk feeling that I do not attribute to the penicillin cocktail consumed at Lyan-ess. Had not eaten all day, so settled in for room service at 5:30PM! On a Saturday! Sad, but at least very delicious.

Please note, the bun only hung out for the photography session. We aren’t animals here. We save our carbs for sweet potato fries.

Day 3: Sleep in again as late as the hotel will allow….1PM. Head downstairs for brunch where I had a fresh lemon and ginger tea and this artistic avocado toast.

Now that I am well, return me to Sea Containers immediately! The menu and care of the staff – two(!) unsolicited pots of tea sent to my room was just beyond. The food was lovely too and the room service the quickest in London at just twenty minutes. I love this property so much. Please stay here. Or don’t and keep it affordable for the likes of a less-diseased me. Thank you.


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