The Laslett- London

Macaron Trio Fun place with cute details and killer mini bar. Gritty neighborhood.

After a week in Bristol, I was beyond grateful to return to London, even if just for like 16 hours. My return to town brought me in via Paddington station, which could also offer me the Paddington Express to Heathrow in the morning, so I decided to stay close and hang out in Notting Hill for the night. I’d read about The Laslett in several publications and on Goop, so no doubt that it would be the perfect spot.

The hotel itself was a charming townhouse or three. The neighborhood was far grittier than I recalled from a visit a decade ago.

The lobby was choppy and not totally condusive for hanging out, but was well decorated as an eclectic friend’s home.

The bar felt like more of a breakfast nook. One drink would do.

The nook overlooked this cute patio full of olive trees and black and white detail. Perhaps spring at The Laslett would be even better.

The whole hotel has this common thread of a very fun font, a cool, slightly sloppy handwriting that extends even into the elevator.

My bedroom was modernly decorated and staged with vintage books and art from various artists, noted on a small note at the bedside. Not one for hearts, I really was taken with the heart print.

More fun handwriting font…

The mini bar was the most extensive I’ve ever seen. You will not go thirsty at The Laslett. This would be the perfect place to be stuck during a snow storm.

There was a small desk, perfect for organizing travel-y bits after a long, two week trip. Also, there was a menu of wellness treatments that I left untouched in favor of an indulgent dinner and about 1,000 cocktails too many after a late night tour of Notting Hill with some new friends. (Shoulder shrug emoji)

The door hangers were hysterical. I loved them both too much to choose.

The bathroom was perfect with a good shower, two robes, and a sink with elevated countertop, hard to come by bathroom storage in Europe!

The Laslett was fun and walkable to much in Notting Hill and West Kensignton. The neighborhood itself is pretty but is very adjacent to a slightly seedy/gritty Underground area. If located somewhere else, I might stay here again, but unless I had another quick turnaround at Paddington, I’d probably avoid this area again as a solo lady traveler.

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