Baba- Edinburgh

2019 was a very odd year for birthdays, down to the lunch itself. I’d been wanting to try Baba at the Kimpton Charlotte Square for some time and used #37 as an excuse as it was right down the street from my hotel. After my colleague force fed me, very kindly, multiple bakes just before my departing the office, I was in DESPERATE need of a martini. And protein.

Which is how mum and I landed on beetroot hummus with extra pita. (Not pictured G&T). The hummus was definitely the best thing about the meal, all fun colored, and whipped feta-ed.

We then shared the skirt steak with grilled lettuce. Again, this was phenomenal. The garlicky sauce was able to be tasted throughout the day. Never forget.

The shwarma cauliflower was definitely something to be desired. It was soft and the flavor was very off. As was the color. It was served on a platter that looked like it should be delivering the check. Skip this for sure.

Finally, we tried the only salad on the menu which was shaved celariac with winter herbs and citrus. I liked this in small quantity, mum did not.

Overall, I’m glad I tried Baba but the ratio of two excellent dishes to two ‘meh’/terrible dishes probably won’t have me returning. One day if there are different and more selection of veggies on the menu, give me a call back, Baba.


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