The George- Edinburgh

The Dreaded Solo Macaron: Definitely has gone down hill. Room had a dank feel and hallways were dirty. Room was also incredibly loud. points issues after the stay. With all the new Edinburgh choice, will not stay here again any time soon.

The George hotel is now owned by the Interncontinental group and I was curious for a return stay from a year or so ago when it remained an independent.

The hotel is still absolutely gorgeous and the staff also very helpful. The location is superb, especially when attending a party downstairs. It was the rooms that had gone downhill which was a bummer being that I was travelling with mum for my birthday. I’d wanted to show her an exquisite time, but this was a bit of an odd start. See the link above for the spacious room that I’d experienced before. Now, think of that room, but take away most of the decor and make the primary color turquoise for some reason. Now back that room up to an alley instead of the sea.

Tell the hotel in advance that you’re a repeat guest, it’s your birthday, and you’d like a quiet room. (You’re also gold and had booked multiple rooms for colleagues, but whose counting). Still got a very sad, very loud ‘quiet’ room and certainly not early. The walls are paper thin and we listened to the family fighting next to us for days. Mum really perfected the art of banging on the wall at just the right time though and only hurt her fist once! I realize this is a very first world problem, but we are reviewing hotels here, aren’t we?! Anyway, I definitely would not stay here again until some updates are done and the hotel can guarantee a decent night’s sleep, the point of a hotel. To end on a positive note, I will say the common spaces are still gorgeous. Let’s have a look, shall we?


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