Vintry & Mercer London

Macaron Quartet: Gorgeous public spaces. Helpful staff. Amazing bed and incredible room. Good location for the finance area.

A Friday afternoon all to myself in London!? Tick! Vintry & Mercer, a cutie new boutique hotel in an inconvenient location for a less than 24 hour stay? Double tick! The place looks to do a pricey nightly rate during the week, but I caught it for a steal on a Friday night when the financial district clears out. Handy for the wallet, not great for a restaurant serving other people or an open Tube stop, but whatever.

I mean look at this place! Definitely worth the oddly-timed visit. How could you not?

The lobby looked like my dream atrium. Thriving plants, fantastic furnishings, tons of light…

Downstairs was this fun wall o’ luggage. I wish it was a secret portal somewhere.

The name Vintry & Mercer comes from the names of wine and textile merchants which is why I expect we see these clothing art pieces in the lobby.

My room was a tiny dream scape in rusts and velvets, two of my favorites. The bed itself was an absolute dream; so much so that I emailed the hotel for the exact make and model. Christmas gift to self, perhaps…

If it weren’t for a Friday night work fire drill, no joke, I could have enjoyed this much much more.

The tiny desk was perfect and even came with an adapter which was nice not to have to request.

The nook of a closet featured a free mini bar of non-alcoholic drinks and a few snacks. While it was nice to have coffee in the room, a French press felt like a lot…. I had to Google instructions and still ended up with something that looked liked Turkish coffee sludge. Mission aborted.

Trashy TV, easily accessible, yes please!

And you know I always love a robe and slippers. Slept in this one and it worked just fine.

One of the few drawbacks was this odd interior view of a VERY messy office. I just kept the curtains closed, but I could see this being depressing if staying for a few days on a work trip.

The bath was small but perfect. The floors were HEATED! I didn’t know I was missing this in my life.

Vintry & Mercer was a gorgeous 18 hour experience for me. I wish I had more time to sleep in, order room service, and really enjoy the bed. If I had business on this side of London, I would absolutely return here in a heartbeat.

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  1. Now how do you know there wasn’t a secret door?! this place looks pretty cool, bad location and all.


    1. The location was great if you were in London on business. I was just in for a few hours, so it didn’t make total sense for me, but I love the impractical. Absolute gem of a place.



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