The Ampersand Hotel- London

Macaron Trio: Exceptional location and overall comfortable. Asked about room preferences prior to the visit which felt very five star, but then they weren’t honored (ie. two beds instead of one). Room is a bit smelly from neighboring restaurants and quite loud. Restaurant menu was a bit odd. Would stay here again if killer deal found.

Over a rainy birthday week, my mum and I spent the London portion of our British holiday at The Ampersand hotel in the vibrant South Kensington neighborhood of London. The grand building is conveniently located near the South Kensington tube stop, but not so near that you hear it. Perfection.

The hotel interior design was quite fun as expected. You see, The Ampersand is the sister hotel of Vintry and Mercer where I so enjoyed my stay just a month prior.

The Christmas decor was simple, but unique.

The Drawing Rooms looked to be a popular place for locals to meet for tea or a glass of wine.

On night one of the stay, we were greeted with a hand written note and some small mincemeat pies, perfect for the season.

This was quickly followed by a second knock at the door, producing another handwritten note and a tiny sampling of birthday desserts.

The room was simple, but spacious enough for two to set up large luggage and still have room to move around one another. (The bed was later separated into two twins up on request).

Prior to arrival, I requested a quiet room not knowing what the street noise would be like. I would note that this is an old property and you can certainly hear your neighbors through the walls. Also, quiet rooms are apparently situated in the back of the building which gets some serious fried food smells in the late afternoon/evening. Nothing you can’t get past, but a note if you’re highly sensitive to this sort of thing.

Daily replenishment of gratis snacks and drinks was a nice touch.

The whole hotel is bird and plant themed as a nod to the neighborhood’s natural history museum.

Thoughtful details, just as Vintry & Mercer.

The bathroom lacked counter space, but made up for it with heated floors and an incredible shower.

Complete with rubber duck!

If you are looking for an affordable hotel that still feels mostly luxurious in room and certainly so in service, I would recommend The Ampersand hotel. The staff could not have been more helpful in booking cars, accommodating requests, and even provide you a travel survey to take before your arrival so that the team knows your preferences and occasions. I have not seen this level of service in a nicer hotels and that certainly makes up for any odd noises and smells.

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