Adore San Remo

A few days ago, I treated myself of a rainy afternoon in gorgeous, rainy, Londontown. I only looked at email occasionally and leisurely strolled from my fabulous, new, little hideaway in the financial district to Covent Garden. I had my heart set on finally dining at the Palomar, but it was in that weird close period between lunch and dinner. Lucky me, as it allowed me to stumble upon Adore San Remo. How darling of a name is that?

I stopped because of the women leisurely eating their own lunch in the picture window over the street and stayed for a small table near this charming bar. The barman was attentive to me despite a restaurant full of fellow late-lunchers. (I assure you that they were all behind me in this photo).

I fancied a ‘salad’ so opted for burrata with a few veggies, glass of crisp Pinot Grigio, and a slab of focaccia that the barman insisted on – it didn’t disappoint.

This fun find will definitely make the London repertoire. Look for it soon in the Macarons and Mayhem London Guide.

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