Degusteria Italiana- Florence

With only nine tables, you’d best book Degusteria Italiana early, which meant for me, a table for one for a fancy lady lunch. The service was impeccable and I really appreciated the window-view table that the hostess told me she’s selected for me so I could watch outside. While I was of course armed with a book, I appreciated this thoughtfulness, and she was right, the cafe next door provided tons of entertainment from gypsies going in for coffee and sandwiches to tourists who clearly felt the luckiest in the world with their what could have been annoying, but was actually darling, photo shoot with cafe wine in the idyllic cobblestone alley.

Viewing the scene of the entertainment.

The interior was a bit over the top, which made it feel special and undoubtedly a lovely spot for a romantic meal.

I started with a glass of rose Franciacorta, because when in Florence.

The resto offers various tasting menus based on a theme- truffle, game, cheese, maybe more… or you can order your favorites by the menu, which is what I did, or what my waitress helped me to do. I left the starter up to her and she selected the 62 degree egg on a sandy bed of something crackery crumbly, something creamy artichok-y, and topped with white truffles. It was definitely different.. I didn’t love it, didn’t hate it… I was here for the pasta…

Warm homemade bread to scoop up the runny egg didn’t hurt though.

I’d read about the ravioli online and I was showing up for it… 24 month aged Parmesan in homemade pasta, topped with a bit of a mustard sauce and balsamic “pearls.” It was advised to eat these in one bite, but I hate that like I hate giant, wagon-wheel sized sushi. The center was liquid, so I get it…I tried with the first one, but then cut them like a civilized lady eating a first course for her main. Wow, wow, wow, I needed one more plate of these, but opted for coffee instead…

I really loved the crockery of this resto and even the coffee cup and plate of tiny biscuits matched. It’s nice to see something different.

The check was even charming in its Florentine wooden elegance…

Definitely worth a special lunch or dinner, I would absolutely recommend Degusteria Italia for the service, setting, and food, just make sure to order an extra pasta because it’s just that good.



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