Picteau Bistro- Florence

After an incredible stay at Continentale Florence, fun apero hours at La Terrazza, and a delicious meal at Caffe dell’Oro, I was pretty obsessed with the Lungarno Collection and determined to explore as much of these properties as I could before departing. I for went the Michelin-starred for the Picteau Bistro after reading the description of the truffle pasta.

After seeing the Arno from another vantage point, I’d wished I’d arrived earlier for an apero on the terrasse.

Instead, the sun was setting as I ordered a glass of the rose champagne as it had Marguerite in the name and well, I’m a Marguerite as I told my waiter. I think he was a bit confused, but poured me the expensive vino anyway. Side note, should have gone with the Billecart…turns out there’s more Marguerite in a bottle of Billecart Salmon.

I’d made a dinner reservation, so I was surprised to be sitting in a second row table of the lobby bar. In a dress, in a sinking soaf, it wasn’t the greatest for dining, so I stuck to one course, the truffle pasta.The people watching was great though which included an Eastern European father daughter combo who enjoyed a lot of Billecart, a daughter instructed photo shoot, and a request for cream cheese to accompany some smoked salmon. There was also an American couple who were debating the merits of which house to buy while ordering drinks on repeat then taking the waiter’s reco for his friend’s trattoria…my ears were craning for this one, but I never heard the name…

The truffle pasta in question… very delicious and the perfect handful (that’s what he said?) for a late dinner.

Would I come back here? Maybe for an indulgent apero, watching the sun set over the Arno, for dinner, I’ll ask the waiter if his friend’s trattoria has proper tables.



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