Il Palazzo Experimental- Venice

After falling hard for Experimental Chalet, Hotel des Grands Boulevards, and then maybe even a little in love at Menorca Experimental (it remains only a memory rather than a review), that I’ve been on a quest to check out and check in to all of the other properties of the Experimental Group. After a few cancelled Venice trips, thanks passport renewal and chemo, I was finally ready to enjoy a weekend at the exceptional Il Palazzo Experimental in Dorsoduro.

The entrance to the room immediately had me swooning for my stripey little corner of this romantic island city.

My budget qualified me for the most basic of rooms which was still well appointed and decorated within an inch of a millennial’s (oh wait, that’s me) life with mauve on red on stripes throughout. The bed was fine, small so shout out to solo travel, maybe not the comfiest, but she was cute to look at.

Good thing I was livid with work and there wasn’t a great place to set up shop. This marble counter would only be for coffee and keys. Perfect.

The sweetest branding.

The closet was small (and pink) but featured the coziest robe, a canvas tote for sale, and best of all wellies! The sea was definitely high, but I never got to give them a test drive though they could have been mine for 30 EUR.

The most clever branding and guest takeaway.

The mini fridge was very well appointed with lots of pre-bottled cocktails from the Experimental Cocktail Club located in an intimate nook off of the lobby. It also featured my favorite, Billecart-Salmon, though I managed to obstain.

So, the room was great, the view was not (didn’t matter)…it was even a little scary upon opening the window to realize this was obese pigeon alley. Please, oh please, do not fly inside. I didn’t open the windows a second time.

The other view was what I can only describe as “pigeon punching bags?” They were cleverly designed puffs of aluminum foil that seemed to do absolutely nothing to deter the birds.

Back inside safety, the bath offered a small sink, large but awkward shower, and toilet and bidet with tons of space surrounding.

The bidet nook was nearly regal in it’s decorative cubby.

Tons of space in the shower with ample of nice products, it was just very awkward to get into, especially after one too many belly full of pasta.

The hallway of Il Palazzo Experimental is probably one of the most frequently Instagrammed corner of Experimental Group’s beautiful properties….

…the early spring day when I arrived had me following suit as well. It is a rather exceptional view with the sun streaming in, creating this amazing shadowplay.

Downstairs featured an interior decorator’s dream of a restaurant that I really only tried for the complimentary breakfast. Across the lobby was the Experimental Cocktail club which seated maybe thirty people. The staff, drinks, and snacks there were really thoughtful without being overkill- such a well done little spot.

Il Palazzo Experimental is a breath of fresh air on an island (after island) of historical spots and heavy, Renaissance art. It’s absolutely worth the end of the town location that is a bit off of the beaten path in the best way. It would be a pleasure to return, especially if they start to sell this gorgeous glassware in the lobby.


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