Hotel des Grands Boulevards

Hotel des Grands Boulevards did not disappoint and looked exactly as it did in photos. Green, garden themed and hued hotel in the center of the shopping area- brilliant. The lobby looked like something out of a Wes Anderson film with it’s vintage inspired lighting and old-timey key situation.

The lobby was more of garden filled hallway that led to the lovely Grands Boulevards Restaurant.

There was this oddly placed seashell (Seashell Bar currently closed for some reason) because Marie Antoinette was apparently really into them. Not sure, missed the full story.

Then, there was the meeting room. I had a conference call that unfortunately I had to take at 14:00. I requested an early check in the week in advance and was told they’d note it. When I arrived, it wasn’t an option and was told the room would be ready at 14:00. It STILL wasn’t ready. Since the lobby/restaurant/bar situation was not an option due to noise, they stuck me in this meeting room. Sort of strange, but a nice gesture. I feel for anyone having to sit on these garden chairs for an eight hour day.

Finally, they let me have my room, 211 was a pretty standard room with a small balcony. It was planned to be next to my friend, but was a floor and a few doors apart. I feel like they are offering these thoughtful details and then shooting themselves in the foot when they don’t deliver.

The room was very cute and I was quite happy with it. More green hues with a small sitting area over the lushly planted courtyard. Excellent.

A small coffee area with a cool, but confusing machine. Malin and Goetz hand santizer was also a really nice touch.

Fun vintagey corner.

Really loved the lacquered double doors to the bath.

It was a vibe.

And of course the cocktail bible for the roof bar. This was my second Experimental property and while I quite enjoy the design aspect, I have yet to fall head over heels for the bars themselves.

So, as I unpacked everything, I wanted to lock up some jewels and passport to hit the town. Well, the safe didn’t work. Three people came into my small room to try and tickle the tiny safe back into existence. It didn’t work. So, the manager was quite nice about it and offered me to upgrade me to the best room category. While I really was happy with the room, view, and my unpacking, who would say no to this?

So, I moved into one of the “Eaves” rooms which was essentially a much bigger room without the outside space. This would probably be great for a couple, but other than the space, it really wasn’t much different.

Nooks and books.

A large shelf area and window that overlooked the Experimental Cocktail Club. It was quite lively (and a bit loud if you’re and early to bed type) but luckily it shuts at 11:30. Or earlier sometimes- ran into that one night.

File under things that no one needs in a hotel room…

The working safe!

All in all the Hotel des Grands Boulevards was a pleasant stay, had a bustling bar, and the hotel an overall great aesthetic and vibe. The staff was friendly, but the interactions could use some polishing- for example with the meeting room situation and also on check out there was a huge line on a Sunday morning and one very friendly staff who took forever in the process. The line was definitely getting restless with him. Would I try this hotel again? Maybe for an excellent price, nothing wrong, but it was missing that special something so, I would look to find my home away from home in Paris.

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