Pirate Beach- Juan-les-Pins

After a very early morning flight and not the longest walk in the sun on an empty stomach, but just enough of one to add an element of hyperventilation into the morning mix, we found ourselves at the Pirate Beach / Restaurant in Juan-les-Pins. After some really annoying staff and lack of service at Hotel Belles Rives, Pirates was even more of a charming surprise and a further testament to not judge a book (or beach resto) by its cover.

For lunch I opted for the shrimp ceviche special of the day which was served with guacamole over a bed of tabbouleh quinoa. Absolutely packed with flavor and was and excellent addition to my newly minted palate that’s allowed to now eat anything post chemo. Show up, Mr. Pirate!

We skipped dessert, but the display case was most memorable with lemon tartes ans millefieulles all bigger than your hand! Supposedly they are made in house and I wish we’d tried one.

The Pirate’s life is defo for me and I look forward to adding this into my regular JLP rotation. Thanks to the pirates for saving the day!


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