Hotel Helios- Juan-les-Pins

I’m not sure if the French Riviera was the right vacation move for the first mother/daughter trip since the three years of Covid, but the ease and cost of the flight made it pretty much non negotiable.

We ended up at Hotel Helios as we booked the trip just a week in advance and the lodging was in a great location. I’d played at their beach club before, so I was hoping the hotel delivered as well and it pretty much did.

The rooms were cheap and cheerful as they say, but we’re very clean and had a divine air conditioner that made sleeping a pleasure for the first time all of this (insanely hot) summer.

The bath was much the same- no fuss, but clean even if the shower didn’t drain.

Plenty of storage, a safe, and mini fridge stocked with rose further sealed the deal.

Would I like to stay somewhere with a little more aesthetic soul? Definitely- looking at you Hotel le Sud- but in a pinch the accommodation of Hotel Helios was just fine. The ladies at the front desk and beach club were helpful and most importantly we were offered an air conditioned nights’ sleep!


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