Osteria Tommy & Ketty- Ascona

Ah, Tommy and Ketty, I just love your names. I appreciate your responding to me that I couldn’t dine with you over the holiday weekend as you were full, which made me that much more determined to do so- so I did. Your pizzas get a lot love online and I just had to know what that was all about. That’s how I landed a table at 12:00 on the dot on a Saturday afternoon following a ten mile hike up the hills. I was STARVING.

So, I started with a salad. I don’t know what Ticino’s deal is with a simple salad, but they all seem to have corn in them. Every single restaurant. Why, why, why?? Avoiding kernels is a fun game that makes the waitress wonder how it’s taking so long to eat a salad.

For the pizza, I had the equivalent of a margherita, but throw some ham into the mix. This pizza was absolutely enormous and the toppings were aggressive. So.Much.Ham.

The pizzas come in regular crust, charcoal activated, and gluten-free. Quite a cool range and the charcoal one was supposed to help you digest it. Really, I’d come here to try that, but when my waitress asked me if I wanted my pizza “black.” (Something lost in translation, likely). I freaked out and asked for a ‘normal’ pizza. The thought of the star of the show after my calorie burning morning being burned itself, just could not happen. Still, I’d like to try it.

Maybe I made the wrong choice on the crust, or the toppings, but this pizza was okay. It fed me, nourished my tired body, but itself was nothing worthy of trying to sneak into a restaurant over. The pizza was very thin, which I love, but it was so soggy, it didn’t hold up to the over abundance of toppings. I’d give another go for a simple margherita (NO HAM) that took a charcoal bath, but that’s probably about it for our relationship, Tommy & Ketty.


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