Agape- Lugano

Agape was my target for a delightfully indulgent lunch while touring Lugano. I’d lucked out and arranged it perfectly, as just after departing my leisurely meal, the skies opened and a persistent thunderstorm plagued the town. The Agape courtyard was idyllic and perfect for a non-thunderstorm meal.

The purple crystal rabbit (my waiter said elephant) marked that I’d arranged a table in advance. Charming.

My first course was the asparagus millefeuille which was absolutely packed with flavor and well seasoned. It was a welcome change after many a green salad had in Ascona. It was accompanied by a strawberry sorbet which may have seemed like an odd choice, but juxtaposed the salty asparagus well. The whole dish was delightful and tasted of the freshness of spring.

For as inventive, well-seasoned, and flavorful as the starter was the main was a bit disappointing. Well cooked pasta, in a simple tomato sauce, which I always appreciate, but it could really have used some salt and pepper or a wee bit of pizzazz.

I talked my way into a delicious espresso martini to accompany dessert. Rabbit approved.

Dessert was a showstopper. A thick tart shell base, topped with roasted pineapple, then sliced mango and coconut. Again, beyond fresh and perfect for the season. Plus, what a feast for the eyes!

Another Agape meal may be in the cards for me later this week as their menu changes frequently and I just may need to taste test again soon. Thanks for a delightful afternoon, Agape.


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