Loewe’s O’Hare

The calm before the storm- that’s what the Loewe’s O’Hare hotel was to be for me. Feels like a grand state for an airport hotel, but I’m into the intense pressure of it. You see, European flights from Raleigh are currently all cancelled, so I had to fly through an American hub. Miami was out of the question as the epicenter of disease, and the TWA hotel was closed in NYC, so Chicago it would be. I was excited to catch up with oldest (longest, not oldest oldest) friends during my 24 hours in the city and so Chicago seemed like the right exit plan. I couldn’t fathom saying goodbye to my parents and getting on a long haul flight (which did prove a brilliant plan), so this was the best option.

Never one much for an airport hotel, save Sofitel Heathrow, I was really on the fence about the decision. Should I haul all of my bags to a cute boutique hotel in the city? Stay with my BFF and risk infecting her? Urgh, tough one, but after seeing downtown Chicago all boarded up, looted, and closed – a scene from an apocalyptic movie- I was happy with my decision.

The hotel could best be described as ‘fine-good’ but not great. No early check-in as requested, no restaurant open (not on the website), no spa, no offer to help with my four large bags… The staff was clearly a skeleton crew and not that I can blame them, it also didn’t make me wish to return.

I’m always curious to see if I will get my Hotels.com gold status upgrade or if it will even get mentioned. Here it did not and while not even what I booked, ended up being good for my purposes. The two beds allowed me to rearrange my luggage just before my flight and they did let me have it early and leave later than I’d even asked. For these conveniences, I am very grateful.

The bathroom was, again, fine. It felt 90% clean with just a stray contact lens and hair to gross me out. During a pandemic climate, I’d think this would be extra clean, but honestly, it’s grossing me out now, so I can’t type about it any longer.

The view was…. that of an airport hotel. So, you can’t really fault them there. The hotel was easily walkable to the high-end outlet mall, a Capital Grille (that treated me like a queen!) and a McCormick and Schmick’s. All in all, the hotel itself was just fine, but the conveniences of such a ‘meh’ location might bring me back again.


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