Swiss Miss Status Activated

Sunset from my first night in Lausanne.

Hi Friends! It has been just a minute! Not for lack of missing you all and this cuddly little blog, but because I’ve been working my bum off so that I could pick up and move…to Switzerland! I’m here in the country and it still feels surreal to write that I’ve moved abroad. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m locked in an Airbnb in Lausanne waiting out a 10 day quarantine or because this move has been 11 months in the making. This has certainly not been the most straightforward move, complicated with pesky things like a global pandemic (see ya, COVID-19) among other things. Yet, here we are! We made it. A seemingly outlandish idea sparked over a cocktail in Texas last fall came to fruition in a big, big way. I kind of still can’t believe that I have this opportunity, that now that I’m in it, feels quite right for me. It literally makes my brain smile, yet is already challenging me in the right and in the annoying ways.

I’ve arrived three days ago and haven’t set foot outside for fear of risking the 10,000 CHF fine for breaking quarantine. While I gather (from every ex-pat ever) that these sentiments will certainly ebb and flow, I wanted to capture the sentiment of this moment – mostly naive excitement that’s yet to experience real challenges coupled with a healthy dose of jet lag (not taking my long walks is killing me!). No doubt a delusional pair, but I’ll enjoy it while I can.

My hope is that you’ll continue with me on my journey as it transitions from the comforts of an oversize US kitchen to new adventures under the same sky of our big, big world. I’m trying to remember to take it slow and laugh with the extra level of complication that new everything brings. (So far, I’ve ordered beer instead of sparkly water and can’t figure out how to use the oven). If this isn’t all going to be the biggest lesson in patience, grace, and a bit of self restraint, I don’t know what might top it. Find me on IG @macaronsandmayhem for the comical details of day-to-day life in a new land. Here, I’m going to keep my cooking simple as I learn the ropes of centigrade, tiny appliances and look forward to getting back out in the world, creating new adventures.

Thanks for following along on the journey with me. Oh, and please share any tricks of the ex-pat trade if you have them!

Be well. xo. Lauren


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