Layered Raleigh

There’s a new bakery in town. Wait, make that a croissanterie. Yep, that’s all they do are variations on the croissant! I had occasion this week to just happen to need a French good luck charm and this seemed like a much more reasonable alternative to say…mmm…Cartier? More calories though. Bummer.

I was in a pre-coffee haze when ordering, so I just kept saying yes to things. Upon arriving home, I hacked them up into pieces so that four croissants would last four days. (They lasted three). Here’s the line-up in front of their very spirited packaging.

The breakfast hash croissant was probably my favorite because sausage is good on anything and I generally prefer savory to sweet, especially in the brekky department.

The other savory was the “Everything bagel croissant.” This was a huge disappointment. It was basically a croissant with an egg on it and 1/32 tsp of everything seasoning. Come on. Head to Boulted for proper Everything danishes.

This is a vanilla creme cronut. It’s not something I would have selected if left to my own devices; the lady behind the counter insisted it was incredible. It was good, but it was RICH. Fried butter dough was just too much for me. I think it made me sick. Something did, and this seems like an easy target. Never again.

Finally, the Kougin Aman. Classic. This was good and I was glad I tried it, but that box has been checked.

All in all Layered is a very cute addition to the Raleigh bakery scene. The whole shop is disturbingly Instagrammable. The croissants are gorgeous, but a little much for me. I might check in once or twice a year to see what they are up to and to add pics to the gram. Or hell, if they worked as my good luck charm, I’ll be back every Saturday.


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