Snacks the Size of Wheezy F. Baby

I recently had the pleasure of an across the land pond visit to Wheezy F. Baby. Not the Li’l’est Wayne’s house exactly, but the Li’l-est Wayne in Indiana anywho. I saw my own littlest Wayne’s (super hip code for niece and nephew) and my charming SIL made me this more that l’il Key Lime pie cake. That’s right, that’s a homemade Milk Bar cake of citrus-y goodness. After I accidentally consumed the Wayne-sized piece on night one, I realized there was nothing L’il about it.

Wheezy F. Baby; please say the baby.

A full day after the cake, we decided to eat not sugar and visit the world renowned Copper Spoon where the staff was eagerly anticipating a cocktail award for a drink that they forgot to put on the menu. Fine, cheese we would eat instead.

For my truth serum course, I selected an ‘Art of the Attack.” It was smoky, delightful, fresh, and well, good for spewing truth. What can I say, I like to push that adventurous arrow as far as it will (safely) take me and a cucumber drink was just that.

The rest of the crew drank these beautiful creatures.

For mains we stuck with salads (because CAKE).

This buratta, tomato, Napoleon was a helluva sald though. Really gorgeous and as fun to knock down as my nephew’s magnatiles.

When in Fort Wayne and/or dining with Wheezy F. Baby, I would definitely recommend a trip to the Copper Spoon. I secretly wanted to try all the tiny plates, but a lady only has some may L’il F. stomach pouches and must reserve some for cakes. Because, we are ladies.


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