Are you in Edinburgh and totally starving and haven’t eaten literally all day? (Because you can’t afford food in Copenhagen anymore and you had to have a mani (and champs) for lunch). I’m sure this happens all the time and is exactly why Tigerlily instituted their two course menu for 15 GBP. Yes, yes, yes.

Tigerlily is a little Vegas-y in decor, large and lit. But it doesn’t matter, because it’s clean and the food is nice, plentiful, and inexpensive. The waiter I had wasn’t bad to look at either and seemed impressed with my order more than disturbed that I was eating three meals at once. Don’tJudgeMe.

I started with the shrimp chips, because I love some shrimp chips. These were more cardboard than fun snack. But for 3 GBP, it was a risk worth taking to have an immediate bite in the belly.

For my first legit course, I had the roasted beet salad. Just eating veggies alone was real nice.

For the main, I opted for the Tiger Prawn Singapore noodles which were a delight, full of egg and vegetables. The quantity was embarrassing, but I didn’t care. I should have been consuming this in front of the tv on a hangover Sunday, but alas, I was in public and nibbled what I could. If ever hungover in Edinburgh (again), I’d surely come after this dish.

All in all, an excellent experience and meal. I’ll add this to my rotation or Edinburgh restaurants, especially because the milt-course meal falls into expense territory.


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