Nira Caledonia

The summer in Scotland brings loads of tourists and super jacked up hotel room rates. AKA I couldn’t expense much more than some dull corporate chain, so I reached out to a travel agent to see what his recommendation would be. Try the Nira Caledonia, he said. The rooms would be small, but in budget, he said. So, I booked on his advice. While I enjoyed The Principle Hotel of last trip, I knew I didn’t want to stay there in July as there was no aircon, so off I went on a new adventure.

The block that the hotel is a part of is super cute, in a very residential, quiet area. So quiet, and so far in fact, that my colleague who walked me home post dinner one night asked me where on earth I was staying. The desolation was a tad disconcerning and defintely not something I’d want in the dark winter months. Mental note.


The dining room was small, but gorgeous. It was a pretty setting for breakfast that was included with the room daily. There was a small, but substantial continental buffet and a hot menu to order from if desired. (I skipped). The staff was great- remembering coffee preferences and catering to every whim.

The music was gearing- some weird, screechy ragtime to start the day. It didn’t exactly match the ambience, but for a half hour or so each morning, it was okay.

My room came with a free welcome drink, which was kind. However, there was no bar in which to drink it. The small bar in the back had no bar seating and was for service. So, I took my bubbly to my room and the dirty glass stayed in there all week. Note for solo travelers: if you are looking to mingle or have a conversation after work, this is not your place.

The room was just fine in size and very pretty, very girly. I enjoyed the wallpaper and over the top light fixture. My room was on the second floor and had a working window, thank goodness, as there was no A/C. I was able to ask for a fan. And an iron. And a new safe because mine was broken. And the bath tub drain to be removed. Twice. Because it didn’t drain. Nothing earth shattering, but I was a little surprised that this came recommended by a travel agent.

All in all, would I stay here again? Probably not. The people were kind and decor was pretty, but it just wasn’t for me. If I was a couple in my 60’s who didn’t mind the lack of a/c or elevator- maybe. I do appreciate how historical the place was and couldn’t have these things. The hotel was really lovely, but it just wasn’t the best set-up for a solo, female business traveler.


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