Epicurean & Cucina

But what are you eating besides the minibar wine and crisps, you ask? Easy, well I’ve been here for ages so all sorts of things, but sticking around the hotel also proved lovely.

The hotel bar, Epicurean, is staffed by lots of lovely folks and a killer cocktail menu.

Stairway to heaven. Again, love that lacquered wall. This time, with paint splatters.

The Epicurean bar is fantastic. The menu features all sorts of thoughtful cocktails and a responsibly price wine/spirits list. The paintbrush that attached to the front of the menu is a further adorbs touch to this artistic motif. Slightly pictured is the French Lover which is Kettle One, some berry stuffs, lemon, and Ruinart! 9 GBP. You cannot beat this.

A few nights later my date, err Kindle and I went back for an after dinner drink. This one was the Apple drink full of Calvados and spiked cider. This was definitely a sipping cocktail and one that I took back to the room and spent nearly an hour finishing. I love Calvados, but I’m sure my slow consumption had nothing to do with the time I drank it in abundance in Brittany and threw up in some bushes. Nothing at all.

Please remember, I’ve been here for nearly a week. So, again, another few nights later, it was Friday night and I headed down for a slightly dirty martini to start of date night (for one) because why not. Martinis take me forever to drink so I was going to sip and read my way into Friday night. I’m 35, so I like to live life on the edge, OK? Anyway, a charming French barman (not the French Lover of above) convinced me that a “Forgotten Martini” was the way to go. Vodka, orange bitters, and an orange garnish made this far easier to drink that a dirty version. Scary and wonderful. Just like a French lover? I don’t know, I’ve never tried that.

Let’s step away from the bar and have a bite to eat at the hotel’s restaurant, Cucina. A playful decor made this spot a joy to dine in, even if I was one of three tables.

The service was attentive and more than accommodating. He also helped me select the perfect glass of red.

I started with the soup, which this night was a potato and leek puree. It was absolutely delicious and I could have easily made a meal out of three bowls of this. And their delectable bread and oil from Puglia.

For my main, I tried another starter, the salmon with roe and herbed creme fraiche, because when in Rome. It was delicious.

I absolutely loved this restaurant and looked forward to trying it again for an actual main like pasta or meat. However, they failed to receive many of their food deliveries and kept offering weird buffets during my stay. It was a blessing in disguise, as it forced me out of the hotel. They are supposedly back on tonight and I really would love to try the pasta, but I just can’t trust this weird weather/ingredient situation for them. When I come back, I’ll definitely give it another shot.


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