Talde & The Thomspon, Miami

A few weeks ago I decided that I needed to take my high strung, anxious ass and spend some quality time with the girlfriends who I’ve been texting incessantly. Miami or bust!

I was to stay with a friend last night, but a strange chain of events led me to seek shelter on the beach instead. I couldn’t figure out why everything was so damn expense on a Sunday night, but soon remembered this was a long weekend so really it’s Saturday #2. Ah, right. The best deal I could find was for none other than the Thompson Miami. I was so obsessed with my Cabo Thompson that this seemed like the perfect opportunity to let the brand woo me again.


I checked-in late, like 10:30PM and was greeted to a bright room full of cheeky decor. Not Cabo, but not bad. The room looks like the colorful brother of a Raleigh or James room – kind of 50’s kitsch.

It was nearly 11PM, but I hadn’t had dinner and was starving!  So I found this sign that said to follow it and I always obey signs. Thank goodness I did as it took me to Chef Talde’s, “Talde.”

Why does it make me so happy to patronise a resto where the music is old timey hip hop? That’s my own kitchen at least twice a weekend and more if we’re home on the week days. Yet to pay for food, far too much food and silently bounce around my booth for one to “don’t sweat the technique,” made me happier than the last time I jammed around my fab Miami resto, which has since closed. Giant sad face for “Catch”. There is still one in the Meatpacking, but not in Miami. RIP.

Course one was PRETZEL pork and chive dumplings. Is this a joke? F*&@$%&( awesome dumplings. Not words I use lightly. I use both heavily and support their use here. This course was set to the tune of Tupac’s, “California Love.”

I am a less than graceful chopsticks eater. My technique is what some may call, “Splashy.” I even put on a silk blouse for dinner then realizing that I would probably be eating noodles with chopsticks, I changed to something machine washable. I am so responsible! I tucked into this gorgeous bowl of Brooklyn style ramen. Is that a thing? Then why don’t I live in Brooklyn?

The creamy ramen broth featured pork of course, DUMPLINGS, bitter greens, and a six minute egg. Culinary heaven! I would certainly return any time with friends so that I could sample the rest of this amazing menu.


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