Hotel Regina Elena- Santa Margherita

After winding our way between the French and Italian rivieras, Mum and I crashed at the Hotel Regina Elena which seems like an old villa turned budget(ish) hotel, but in reality is part of Best Western. We booked a week in advance and this is what the charming town of Santa Margherita could offer us in budget…in high season… so here we are. After a very confusing mix up with the key and the room type- previous guests took the ONE key with them and staff had to chase them down at the beach while we waited. They did resolve it, but was a strange start when they insisted the early check-in was ready, aside from the whole key bit.

The main part of the hotel was a relic, but clean and disinfected often by staff wearing masks.

A small bar was situated off the side of one of the sitting rooms. It was rarely open- not during the day for coffee, and not late day for apero, oddly it seemed open during dinner, but what do I know with my Swiss sense of time these days.

This charming button worked, but never fetched me an actual barman.

While the hotel had an extensive beach loaded with children, the best part of the property was actually the small rooftop pool. Save yourself the fees of the beach and make a reservation (yes, that’s right) here instead. Again, chairs were well disinfected and you could call down to this mystery barman for drinks and snacks. However, the views of the surrounding areas were the real stars.

Hopefully after your nice swim and perhaps a cocktail or two you won’t mind your room. While basic, it was clean. I had no issues with the room itself; however, they were LOUD and were were even situated in the smaller outpost building. I slept with headphones in every night in order to block the crying children across the hall. Even if the kiddos are well behaved, you won’t sleep because the bed is a slab of cement. For these reasons, I would not return to this property.

Bath was clean and spacious though! When you’re in this bunker-like room you also can’t hear the crying, so there is always this elongated bath tub for slumber, which on second thought might be what my bed was made of.

Regina Elena doesn’t have to be perfect because of her gorgeous location. Unfortunately, looks just aren’t enough without substance behind them.


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