Castello Scheeloss Restaurant – Ascona

After ambling the streets of Ascona for nearly a week, I’d noted some restaurants to investigate further. On my final night, I wanted to go off-campus of the gorgeous Hotel Eden Roc and enjoy something a little more casual.

Note: with a number of restaurants still not seating outside guests inside, restaurants closed random days of the week, and evening thunderstorms threatening terrace guests, I’d highly recommend lining up your restaurant reservations before travelling to Ascona.

With all of these factors in mind, I was transported to Castello Scheeloss into a cozy courtyard that I’d photographed earlier in the week.

My table was covered in a nook of the courtyard which was perfect for dodging the light raindrops. I couldn’t be invited inside since I wasn’t a hotel guest and honestly couldn’t imagine a more perfect set-up. This definitely beat the masses on the main street, running from the lakeside to the restaurant awnings, interrupting diners there, when the rain hit. (I learned this the hard way as a runner, not a diner, one evening).

I started with a gorgeous local salmon that was served nearly raw and with a roasted beet salad. It could have been a meal itself and was absolutely delicious.

My main was homemade ravioli that was filled with veal and sauteed with asparagus. Again, really delicious and absolute comfort food for the chilly night.

If you can snag a reservation at this small spot, I’d highly recommend. It feels homey, and intimate, a respite from the crowds and rain. The menu was fairly extensive and the prices certainly beat those of Hotel Eden Roc. An excellent meal for the last night of holiday.


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