Ruby Copenhagen

One of the best finds of the trip was the cocktail bar called Ruby. In an old town house, dark, narrow, with a few oriental rugs and homey touches, you wouldn’t expect to have one of the best drinks ever. Or discover an entire new spirit. Or invent a very popular game called, “Guess the Dane.” Ruby was a fun surprise, like an unexpectedly awesome first date. Doesn’t happen often does it? Especially not with games on canals. Hell, maybe this is common in Denmark….

I digress….

Read The 866. Drink one. Realize it’s like the most wonderful, refreshing drink ever- Danish Paloma for sure- and ponder why Bacardi hid you from the charms of Acquavit for all those year… I was so in love and feeling real fly and sassy after just ONE. Until… my real rude friend burst my bubble and reminded me that it was $17 or something. I never quite got the Danish conversion. Divide by 16? Maybe just 20 and round down? Never worked.

I sat in this gorgeous little window enjoying the sick people watching on a Saturday night on the canal.

There were older Danes sipping wine and snacking on cheese. There was a gaggle of women and a swan float of unknown origin. There were tourists on the rent-a-boat (also with tables!) And a whole troupe of twenty somethings chilling to their friend’s jazz clarinet. It was so fun, that I just couldn’t stand it!

I’ve always been into emeralds, all things emerald cut, and rose gold, but I’ll make an exception for this Ruby. A jewel so precious that you’ll need two.

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