Hutong at The Shard

After a few days of attempting to fight off a cold, the weekend ended with some very mediocre pad thai from the joint across the street. Lacking in heat and fun mix-ins, I had to mentally transport back to the last great Asian meal, Northern Chinese from Hutong at The Shard.

Perched on the thirty-third floor of The Shard in the Southwark area of London is this gorgeous. Chinese restaurant with a two-story bar and 360 degree views of London. This had been on my bucket list since The Shard opened about five years ago and I was quite elated to check it off on my thirty-fifth birthday! Previously, it was difficult to even score a reservation in the bar say a Monday night. This go, however, I was able to email the Hutong and ask if they might squeeze me in for my birthday dinner. They said no problem and gave us a great table on the window. THANK YOU, Hutong!

Terrible iPhone camera photos, but truly spectacular views in person.

First up were lamb dumplings which were delicious.

We shared two mains- Kung Pao Prawns and Braised Beef in Ginger Sauce. We also tried  the signature Chinese green beans which were out of this world.

So full from dinner, we declined dessert, but I was happy that they brought out this mango pudding, which wasn’t really my cup of tea, but I appreciated the festive thoughtfulness.

I would absolutely recommend Hutong as a nice date night on your London itinerary. If reservations are full online, just email the restaurant directly. Also, make sure to arrive at The Shard early. There is a queue for the metal detectors and elevator. You may also want to check your coat upon arriving and find a spot for a pre-dinner drink at the very busy bar just inside and below Hutong.

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