Pretty Ish

Hey alls. So, I’ve been on a sort of natural beauty kick lately, trying to buy better beauty products where I can. This is an expensive quest of trial and error. Do not try this at home. Let me repeat, do not try this at home. My skin has also been like, “bish, stop changing our routine all the time. We are breaking out in defiance.” My skin RARELY breaks out so this has been another rude side effect. Yet, I persist.

Here are my favorite finds of late, some natural, some naw.

First, up Sephora face masks in these wine-in-a-box type bags. Now, the mask is as nice as the next one, but what’s so great is the packaging. You can use as much as little as you like. Have you ever bought a face mask and there is SO much in there. There’s enough product for a face and a half or a giant’s face. I don’t know, but you can’t exactly save it for next week, so you waste it or layer it on so thick that it doesn’t dry well or ends up in your hair and ish. NOT ANYMORE.

Next up is a natural one. Fresh’s eye cream, Creme Acienne. I am OBSESSED with this stuff. It is certainly a splurge item, but worth every penny in my opinion. This is my first eye cream I’m fallen for so hard. It’s thick and creamy like butter. But warm the tiniest bit up between your fingers and tap it into your poor, tired eyes and wake up feeling fresh AF. I’ve been wearing Burt’s Bees eye cream during the day and that feels like a total waste of money in comparison. It didn’t doing any type of magic on my eyes. Next, please!

This single, tiny container has made me explore other products in the Fresh product line, but nothing compares to this. There is also a Creme Acienne moisturizer that I may have a stab at this winter when ish dries the f*ck out.

Like Buttah.

The next item that has change my life and the only other member of my nighttime routine, is Vitner’s Daughter serum. Again, Holy Ish, this is unreal. Another splurge, but it will solve all problems in your life. Breakouts? Check! Dry skin, yup! Brighter skin in the am, ugh huh! Boy problems? Whatever, don’t waste this on them! The really great news is that this comes in a smaller sample size so you can travel with it or hang out with it for a little bit before committing to a bigger bottle.

I have found myself jade rolling this into my skin at night and it seeps into my soul even better that way. Life hack.

Another fun summer find is Tom Ford’s mini lipsticks. These are about an inch and a half tall, perfect for clutches or small summer bags. The colors are vibrant, but the finish is glossy and bright. Thus, it looks like a tube of aggressive red lipstick, but the finish is more, I just ate a cherry popsicle. A really moisturizing one.

Stay tuned for more great finds as fall and winter rear their betchy heads!


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