2016 Wrapped Up

“2016, playing dirty, not clean.” – Drake

Elated this year is over, as just about everyone is it seems. Rather than dwell on the meme-worthy awfulness of the year, I decided to take a look back at the best bits.

Solo-travel watercolour sunrises on Miami Beach.

Some of my fav ladies enjoying a party at the Perez Art Museum.

Solo-travel drives through the desert, found these handsome chaps just outside of Palm Springs.

Desert sunsets.

Canyon hikes that ended in waterfalls.

A couple days on the beautiful Coronado Island.

Solo-travel exploring Austin and finding the oasis that is the Hotel San Jose.

The sibling squad reunites.A little solo travel to Puerto Vallarta where I rocked a pink house.

Impromptu girls’ weekend in Miami

I finally got my romantic weekend at my favourite place, The Cape in Cabo.

Not too long after, I opted for a girls’ weekend of the same hotel on the east coast of Mexico.

Another little romantic weekend on New Orleans.

And another year older via a fantastic birthday weekend.

Ending things in San Francisco now…more on that soon. ✌🏼2016! Excited for what’s next. 🍾🎉

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  1. gregandbirds says:

    Made the blog! Whoop! Also: jealous of your canyon hiking.



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