It’s Friday, I’m In Love

Little daily pleasures make life worth living. So in an effort to appreciate them all the more, I thought I’d start sharing mine each week. Here’s how the first week of the year turned out.

  1. Flower Deliveries. Even better if they’re from your crush. 😉 Seventeen red roses to start 2017 was just the day brightening ticket that the day required.


2. Fresh office supplies to get 2017 sorted and in order. I can’t wait to get snowed in this weekend and write my goals, resolutions, and habits that I’m hoping to incorporate in the new year.

3. Stacks of books. This is my food reading list for January. Can’t wait to dig in and this weekend’s snow storm should be the perfec jump start.

4. La Parisienne. I just found this super adorable newsletter. If you know me, you know I’m absolutely chomping at the bit to dive into this.

5. Halo Top “Ice Cream.” This stuff totally lives up to the hype.


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