Shiro- Paris

If you’re looking for a way to properly indulge on a Friday or Saturday night in Paris, consider Shiro. While the resto has a full menu during the week, on the weekend it only offers an omakase menu so all you have to decide is whether you want six or eight courses and how much wine to accompany. As a solo traveler, I was seated at the bar overlooking the kitchen with several other solo diners. It was fun and engaging. The staff was great and the whole meal took about 2.5 hours for of course, eight courses.

While I failed to capture all courses with a photo, the first course, the waitress charmingly told me in her darling English was “an electric fish”…eel!

Next up was a sea bass crudo… how beautifully is this plated?

Then there was a foie gras tartlet with seaweed chips. So unique, rich, and delicious.

The meat course was a seared pork and potatoes.

Not pictured, two other mains and two dessert courses. Because…well… wine pairings. Shiro was such a fun evening, and well located in St. Germain near a number of other bars and restos. Consider this for something different on your next jaunt to Paris.

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