Flores- Yvoire

There’s not much to do on the weekends in Nyon, but one thing that always draws a crowd (with good reason) is the twenty minute boat ride across the lake to Yvoire in France. A charming medieval town chock full of flowers, hilly streets, and the obligatory castle, it’s the perfect place to spend the afternoon doing nothing but eating, drinking and enjoying life.

Flores proved to be a welcome establishment supporting these goals. While I wanted everything on their Haute-Savoie menu, our little group was able to try a few classics.

Mom opted for the garlic tarte flambee, adorably named Ail! Ail! Ail! which is as fun to say as it is to eat.

I went with the salad gourmande which was fantastic! Reblochon wrapped in phyllo and ham atop a huge mountain of fresh veg mixed in a mustardy vinagrette. Not pictured- their drink of the day, a citrusy gin and tonic, which of course was excellent to have as a digestif alongside this huge meal.

Finally, our table split the potato fritters which were served with a garlicky/oniony spread as well as… more ham? Not sure about that, but the half of a fritter I was able to get my hands on was absolutely delicious. Crunchy, but not greasy, reminiscent of a perfect US bar food on a football Saturday.

Overall, I can’t wait to return to Flores and take more friends along so I can taste test the rest of their menu.

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