Cecconi’s Shoreditch

Tucked off of the lobby of Redchurch Townhouse in Shoreditch is London’s second outpost of Cecconi’s. I’d visited the Miami outpost once and wasn’t wowed by it, but the prospect of room service Neapolitan pizza was very intriguing.

I’d actually made a reservation for their “Sunday Feast” where they turn the bar into a buffet of Italian delights and played live music. However, I ended up cancelling in favor of a more movable feast throughout the city. Though, for 25 GBP, I’m sure it was a great deal and way to sample the kitchen. Admittedly, I did eat here two nights in a row, mostly because the kitchen was still open after returning from concerts.

Night one, I was STARVING. After flying in from the US, having an early lunch, followed by a full day of revelry, I needed food. I wanted a salad, but the barman suggested this crudite and green dip instead. UGH. If you want a salad and are greeted with crunchy raw veggies, and far too much herb dip, this will not fulfill the same need. SKIP.

The same barman then recommended that the spicy salami pizza was their standout. I’m not much for pepperoni/salami on pizza, but figured sure, why not. After having a lackluster margherita pizza on night two, I can confirm that this was far better.

Finally, two nights in a row I REALLY enjoyed the same glass of wine, Negroamaro. I snapped the receipt so I could remember the varietal later. Glad I did because I will be searching that out.

All in all, Cecconi’s was OK. If I stayed at Redchurch again, I would aim for the Sunday spectacular. Or, if need a safe, late night bite, it’s also a very convenient option. Not terrible, but I wouldn’t seek it out for all of the wonderful food that London has to offer.

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