Just behind the Swedish Royal Palace is THE most wonderful cocktail bar, Pharmarium, located in Sweden’s first pharmacy. To the right is the Nobel Prize Museum, just across this adorable square. I hope all Nobel Prize winners are required to visit this mixology bar.

The menu when I visited was International Traveler themed, which was a bit more than perfect for the occasion.

I started my tasting with a classic, the Rain Maker.

It was really nice, maybe not my favorite drink ever, but I loved the creativity and LOVED the smoky cotton candy. I drank this and was enjoying the 80’s music and vibe so much that I had to stay for just one more.

This time, I let the barman choose for me and he selected the Imaginarium from the Nordics section of the menu – again perfectly themed. (God knows I love a theme).

I was rather skeptical of the slew of random ingredients, but this actually BLEW MY MIND. It was so balanced, so fun, so full of VIOLET PEARLS! Tiny purple pearls that exploded in your mouth. What could be better?

Blue balls, some might say….

Anyway, this was totally wonderful. I contemplated returning my  last night for just ONE more of these gorgeous concoctions, but decided to save the funds for what was coming next….Copenhagen. (Glad I did, those Danes are $$$$). Seriously, can’t recommend getting what ails you fixed at Pharmarium.

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