Mercado- Fort Wayne

Question: what’s a girl to do if she’s trapped in an entire country that doesn’t do Mexican food well or allow the sale of hot peppers? Answer: hit every Mexican restaurant north of the country itself, including the delicious Mercado in Fort Wayne. The sibs treated me to a (very) early dinner one (very) cold…

Torchy’s Tacos Copycat Street Corn

First thing’s first: I don’t care much for corn. However the success of my street cauliflower and the visit of my wee niece and nephew had me recreating the dish for something simpler and more traditional- corn. It was a hit! I even liked it. What I didn’t like were the corn ‘hairs’ as I…

Rick Andrew Martinez Double Pork Carnitas

Need a totally fail-proof make ahead main to feed a crowd? Rick Andrew Martinez delivers yet another perfect recipe, this time instead of Brown Butter Toffee Cookies, it’s double pork carnitas. That man is so creative. He ruled my taco buffet this weekend and I can confirm that these are tasty both hot and cold….

El Cartel

The next night, I headed out to dinner, super early in pursuit of tacos. Again. El Cartel, I will eat your tacos come hell or high water. This time, it worked. I just had to wait maybe twenty minutes at the sister restaurant across the street because there is no waiting space in El Cartel….

The Library at Topolobombo

Finally landed after a few weeks of hopping around for work and play. First came Minneapolis, then Chicago for play which turned Windy City for work, then finally a few days at the beach with the chap in order to unwind and start the summer off right. All I’ve done is eat and drink truly…