Harvest Apple Cake

Still have apples from your overly curated IG apple picking? Thought you might… why don’t I introduce you to my Grandmother’s apple harvest cake recipe. It’s a family tradition, ludicrously simple, and succinctly captures that fall magic in every bite. Harvest Apple Cake

Icelandic Berry Batter (Recipe. Non-sexual).

Ya’ll, a double pint of blueberries on sale at Target right now for $3.49. You HAVE to make this. It’s too cheap not to. This round, I made the regular babe for friends and office and a mini gluten-free version that is so experimental, some might ban it from their berry patch. (Icelandic yogurt was…

Berry Patch Strikes Back!

A seemingly endless supply of house guests has my baking game on overdrive. For tomorrow morning, I resurrected, the always wonderful Greek Yogurt Blueberry cake. I must say, this is the best one yet! I used a spring form pan instead of a cake pan and perfected the crumble if I do say so myself….