Swiss Miss: Easter Eats

The last six weeks have had shops hawking their finest in Easter treats, many of which are thematically shaped baked goods. I have honestly been shocked by what a big holiday this is over here- chocolate rabbits and eggs of every size and color and Easter bakes from discount chain to glamorous patisserie. One one…

Rick Andrew Martinez Double Pork Carnitas

Need a totally fail-proof make ahead main to feed a crowd? Rick Andrew Martinez delivers yet another perfect recipe, this time instead of Brown Butter Toffee Cookies, it’s double pork carnitas. That man is so creative. He ruled my taco buffet this weekend and I can confirm that these are tasty both hot and cold….

Love Sweet, Love, Take 2

We heard from Chef Jaime and her Valentine’s Day plans. I thought you might be curious to hear what I’m preparing. I’m such a cheeseball, I do kind of love this holiday. Not in a fancy dinner and gifts sort of way, but more in a 5th grade arts and crafts sort of way. I’m…

Merry Merry

Wishing everyone the brightest day during one of the best times of the year. Thanks for reading. ❤

Baking for Santa

“Santaaaaaa! I know him!!” – Elf It’s almost that tiiiiimmmmmeeeee… Let’s check back in with Chef J and see how she’s prepping for the big man. Auntie Mayhem might have a solid idea for the evening too… M&M:  Tell me about your sous chefs… Chef J: My sous chefs these days are like elves. They’re…

Big Pimpin’, Spreadin’ Cheese

I’m gonna say it’s a safe bet that by the time Santa gets to your house, he is going to be really over some cookies. He’s going to want salt, and protein, and probably a big glass of red to even him out. Why not make him a cheeseboard instead? Or if he does take…

The One Cookie You MUST Make this Season

If you’re like me and having the most low key Christmas in the history of Christmases (just me and the ‘rents and far too much attention), it’s getting difficult to resist the urge to bake. The baking struggle was particularly aggressive as the push and pull of gingerbread vs sugar cookie is a tough battle….

You’re a Sprout

  I spent a nice chunk of Thanksgiving weekend addressing my little brother as a sprout. He then started calling my nephew a sprout who then called quite a few of us sprouts. In honor of this festive nickname, I tried a new Brussel sprout recipe that was most delicious – and quite easy too….

Will You Be My Valentine?

So you’ve navigated through birthdays, the holidays, an anniversary, and now… Valentine’s Day. Does anyone REALLY like Valentine’s Day? While I love any holiday, I certainly am not one of those ladies who takes the holiday too seriously. Last year, I was out with a large group, spicing up Miami, and two of the betches…