Inglewood- Nyon

After an impromptu trip to a colleague’s going away party, I decided to also stop by the newly opened Inglewood on a whim. I was pleased to be seated quickly and opted for a classic cheeseburger cooked however the chef recommended. In this case, that was medium which seamed a tad underdone, but they love their raw beef here so when in Rome.

The whole thing was fine, not great, not bad, just fine. Fries were hot, but needed salt. Salad was salad. When offered a spicy sauce, of course I said yes, I was brought two kinds of hot sauce rather than the aioli I was expecting. Would I return? Sure, but maybe for something more creative. At least the ’90’s hip hop never fails to sing you sweet nothings, if if your dinner hit a bit of a flat note.



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