Four Seasons Brunch- Florence

The most indulgent way to spend a Sunday morning in Florence, HAS to be the gorgeous brunch at The Four Seasons. The space underneath the massive sky light was breath taking and when set with the tinkling backdrop of live music of contemporary classics played acoustically…well… there really were not words and I found it very easy to tear up in the beauty of it all.

I was grateful to be seated in this lovely open area as the secondary option of the proper restaurant was also very beautiful, but this just seemed more laid back, more elegant. Not to mention, I always appreciate a thoughtful position as a solo diner and this offered exactly such a vantage point.

It’s not an inexpensive treat, but for 120 EUR, you’re treated to every imaginable type of food you could imagine, bottomless red, white, and gin cocktails. Absolutely worth the price of admission. I stuck to a sole welcome cocktail, but it was fun to watch those who did not.

To start, I opted for a bit of foccacia to accompany the massive charcuterie table which included some delicious wild boar salami. There was a room of seafood, carving stations, pasta, and more. It was surprisingly chaotic, but still worth it to see the Florentines in their Sunday finery pushing through the hot kitchen for a bite of this and that.

Time to break between courses to gaze up at the gorgeous day above and wait for them to unlock the dessert room so you can be first to photograph it untarnished. Let the handsome manager chap note such a smart strategy.

Piece de la resistance.

So many caloric options! I chose to taste a cannoli- still not my fav- then moved to the lemon and hazelnut gilt creation, a creamy raspberry tart, and a bite of baba au rhum. Whew! Time for a long walk in the beautiful park behind the hotel.

The restaurant from the park.

It was a rather windy day, but one could imagine how idyllic it would be to lounge poolside later in the spring.

The gym was also particularly lovely, though it did not inspire me to do more than walk to burn off my midday indulgence.

Truly a treat! Ensure that Sunday brunch at the Four Seasons makes your list during the next visit to Florence.



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