La Terrazza- Florence

If Continentale Florence wasn’t already the most perfect hotel, she also brought the gorgeous rooftop bar, La Terrazza, who absolutely isn’t here to play. (She was only here to play).

Make sure to reserve in advance, either online with a card or just ring up the hotel directly. The spot is tiny and full, but not crowded, with just the right amount of skilled bar staff, waiters, and heating apparatus- let’s keep it that way.

The crowd is eclectic, some having traversed the city all day, some on their way to dinner, couples, friends, solo imbibers… the first night I was seated next to a young couple on what must have been the last stop of their first Euro tour. It was delightful to overhear their remniscing the trip’s highlights. The second night, I struck it up with two Candiennes who were in town for a birthday. We had two drinks together and my parting words were somethign to the effect of, ‘”I’d better leave you, I feel like if we continue, we’ll be arrested tonight.” Their response, “this is exactly why you should stay.” (I left, and only slightly regret it).

These views to the left!

Only to be topped by the views to the right!

Both nights (third night closed due to thunderstorms- thanks Gucci Garden) I enjoyed a glass or two of the rose Franciacorta which absolutely slapped. Not the least bit sweet and served in a coupe. When your bowls of sodium dropped too low, the sweet British waiter refilled them instantly. If it still wasn’t getting quite chilly at 21:00, it would be simple enough to stay here all evening.



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