Continentale- Florence

Wow, wow, wow, I have not been happy with a hotel in quite a long time- Continentale was absolutely next level on service, room, location, and roof top bar. I was meant to stay here a few years ago with my then partner, but he bailed on the trip and we never made it. Continentale lingered in the back of my thoughts for years now. So, I took advantage of a somewhat relaxed work week and made a dash for it.

Because I live life on the edge, I booked a room to be assigned upon arrival and requested a double bed just to see if they might accommodate. Even after they said this was not a real offer, they accommodate and upgraded me to a room probably triple the price of what I’d booked (I checked). They also took care of several reservations for me and just overall I felt taken care of, yet in the perfect distance, not overly attentive way. What an absolute gem!

The lobby was a pretty design space, chopped into a lot of smaller rooms not always apparent from the entrances which didn’t really warrant people lounging around, but it was pretty nonetheless.

The side entrance toward the award-winning spa also was quite fun and fresh with hanging chairs and indoor rocks.

The elevator was a bit of a trip as well and made for some fun photos with strangers when returning to street level from the rooftop bar. My favorite was a couple with their maybe 18 year old daughter. They’d clearly had a nice time as she practiced an Australian accent on me and they all insisted that they’d had it with their home in Hawaii and had to visit Florence. I’m sure wherever that photo of the four of us lives is just stunning.

Now, the room…wow, this was absolutely a sexy space with low level lighting prepared daily by housekeeping. It really would be a romantic nest to return to with a special someone.

By daylight….

By evening light…

The bedside tables were clocks for some reason, which was too bad because really who wanted to note the time here.

The closet was a proper room that made unpacking quite fun and luxurious to be placing shoes on shoe racks!

The bathroom was essentially three mini rooms, which made it triple the size of the one in my apartment. Again, a great shared space for a couple sharing.

The toilet was in a seperate nook with a bidet and a with a proper door- see what I meant…couple goals.

And the large shower came with Ferragamo toiletries as the hotel is owned by the family.

The staff kindly left me a few truffles and a replaced chilled water daily.

The desk area was good for staging or working if you must, overlooking a courtyard below.

No mini bar to speak of, so all the easier to chill your own Franciacorta if you aren’t heading up to the very fab roof top bar.

Continentale was an absolute find! Thank you to this gorgeous space and treating me like a queen. I’m elated I could experience this property and its hospitality as a solo traveler without the distraction of a partner or work.


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