Trattoria La Botte Stresa

On my first night in Stresa, I opted to try Trattoria La Botte. The cozy restaurant was adorned with fun caricatures of the family who was there running the place, even this particular evening.

I was kindly seated at a very romantic table, ripe for people watching and even better as they poured me the bottom of the bottle of champagne, always a sign of good luck.

My starter was “Parmesan pearls” which reminded me a bit of Malakov’s from Switzerland, creamy liquid insides somehow magically fried to bar food perfection. It was served with grilled raddichio and a pepper cream.

My main plate, I opted for a first course of ravioli adorned with spring market vegetables, green apple, and, chopped hazelnuts for a perfect crunch. This was probably the best pasta of the weekend!

This was such a beautiful and creative meal- my only regret was that I didn’t try a dessert course!



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