Hotel La Palma- Stresa

With France striking for trains, pensions, and garbage on fire from those strikes, the only logical thing to do with the long Easter weekend was pop over to Italy.

On a particularly frustrating work day I did about five minutes of googling and settled on Hotel La Palma for its proximity to the train station, modern vibe, pool, and of course the name because I do love Palma (of Mallorca).

The exterior was certainly a modern addition to a neighborhood full of grand ole dame types of hotels- a welcome change.

The lobby was a mish mash of furnishings and the staff was most kind.

The real gem of the property was the rooftop lounge which was always busy but not annoyingly so. It seemed to attract all types and had an enjoyable vibe including the same ‘90s hip hop soundtrack played daily. Hidden around the corner was a cocktail pool perfect for a dip and sip. While it wasn’t quite warm enough, it was well attended by the hotel’s children guests.

The front of the hotel offered a chic infinity pool reminiscent of the lakefront one of Grand Hotel Tremezzo.

My basic room was a nice size and had a balcony over looking some haunted derelict mansions as well as a bit of Lake Maggiore.

While it looked nice, my only complaints were that the bed was really uncomfortable and that the walls were paper thin which lead to rousing cries of the child next door and spirited conversations of the housekeeping team. Don’t expect to sleep in or have much of a rendezvous.

Such a gorgeous area, it was surprising to see so many dilapidated mansions- someone snap them up for some redevelopment.

To the right, the lake offered much nicer views.

A large wardrobe offered plenty of hanging space.

And also hid a safe and well equipped fridge.

The large bathroom supplies plenty of vanity space and a shower with so many jets that you’re guaranteed to flood the bathroom.

Hotel La Palma was a nice weekend away. Due to the comforts of the room, I doubt I would book again, but I would absolutely hit the fantastic rooftop for some sunny, afternoon cocktails.



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