Enoteca da Giannino- Stresa

What’s better than an effervescent glass of bubbly to sip while watching the buzzy tourist square of Sresa go by? A good book to go with it? Ok…now it’s better… a handful of potato chips…ok, ok maybe slightly better. (How to the Italians never tire of crisps?) And that’s precisely the fun little pit stop the first day of Easter weekend ordered.

I sat watching this lady watch the tourists do what tourists do. She peered over the window like this all evening.

Later in the weekend I wasn’t in the mood for a proper dinner, so I returned the the couches of Enoteca da Giannino to sit under the portico and watch life take shape a bit more. When the nibbles struck and I couldn’t handle more crisps, I ordered the buffalo mozzarella and local ham. When the plate arrived with four(!!!!) forks, I probably should have inquired as to the portion, but i”m used to Swiss pricing and the thought didn’t even cross my mind this might be a sharing plate. Ah well, you live some, you ham some.



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